Responsive Web Design Codified

responsive-web-design-codified-coverWebsites today serve not only traditional desktop monitors, but also televisions and handheld mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Apart from the myriad screen sizes, mobile devices are made to change orientation anyhow at the flip of the palm. Notwithstanding the changes in screen sizes and orientation, consumers, constantly connected and switching between devices anywhere anytime, expect the same degree of usability they experience across these devices. Therefore, it is both imperative and challenging for businesses to build a good multi-screen site that can deliver a consistently great user experience for all screens. That is especially true for smartphones, the fastest-growing devices in the multi-screen market, where screen space is at a premium.

How can websites provide for such an enormous range of screens and keep up with new screens of the future? The answer lies in Responsive Web Design. So, what is responsive web design? What are the alternatives? Why do we choose it? How to implement it? This book will tell you all…

If you wish to receive a copy of the source code, please contact me via the email address inside this book with proof of purchase.

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