Bootstrapping Your Web Page Responsively

In web development, you can choose to use one of the many front-end web development frameworks, such as BootstrapFoundationSkeleton, and W3.CSS, to help you construct a responsive web page faster, easier, and with fewer errors.

In this book, we set our sight on Bootstrap, by far the most popular front-end web development framework. Instead of manhandling HTML5 and CSS3, you will simply acquire the essential components from Bootstrap and assemble them into your web page to make it responsive to different screen sizes according to your design and requirements. The essential components that you need to acquire from Bootstrap for this purpose are container, grid, and navigation bar. This book explains in detail the behaviour and characteristics of these components and their usages reinforced with many examples, illustrations, and exercises. Once you are acquainted yourself with these components, this book will guide you through a hands-on session of assembling these components into a web page to make it into a responsive one. One thing is certain, you will have to employ the Three R’s of Responsive Web Design in one way or another. Let the journey begin…

If you wish to receive a copy of the source code, please contact me via the email address inside this book with proof of purchase.

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