Author: Peter Leow

Leaping into Motion

What’s the Fuss? There has been a real buzz about Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies over the past few years. Major VR developments by the big tech companies. such as Sony’s PlayStation VR and Google’s Daydream, are pushing VR

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Hands-on with HTML APIs

The advent of HTML Living Standard, previously known as HTML5, has revolutionized the traditional web scene (and sense). In this book, I will simply call it HTML. In particular, HTML mandatory support for incorporating the ever-increasing number of APIs into

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HTML Geolocation

Best Web Development Article of May 2017 (First Prize) by Code Project This is one of the chapters from my publication “Hands-on with HTML APIs“. Where on Earth am I? Every one of us occupies a location on Earth. This location is

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Ask Your Database for that Unique ID

The Assumption One of the many requirements for an online reservation system states that while a customer is making a reservation via a web form, a unique ID, acting as the reservation number, is to be displayed on this form.

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Getting Started with SQLite on Android

Best Mobile Article of January 2017 (First Prize) by Code Project Introduction Every app involves data. Most data are supplied by users through the various input controls, such as text field, check box, radio group, spinner, and button. While some data

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