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Hands-on with PHP — Syntax

< Home < PHP Development Environment Code of Coding Every language has to follow a set of grammatical rules only then can a statement constructed in that language be interpreted and understood correctly, the same goes for any programming languages. Unlike

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Hands-on with PHP — Development Environment

< Home < PHP IntroductionPHP Syntax > What’s a Software Development Environment You have learned in the Introduction lesson that, as a server-side scripting language for web development, PHP scripts are executed on the server. So, at the very least, you

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Hands-on with PHP — Introduction

< HomePHP Development Environment > Getting to Know PHP On the pretext of knowing me and knowing you, you have been lured into writing your first PHP script in the previous session. Now that you have gotten your feet wet,

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Hands-on with PHP — Home

Breaking the Ice Hi there! Welcome to Hands-on with PHP. First, let me introduce myself — copy the code in the About Me code section to the code editor of the PhpFiddle widget, then hit the Run button:

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Leaping into Motion

What’s the Fuss? There has been a real buzz about Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies over the past few years. Major VR developments by the big tech companies. such as Sony’s PlayStation VR and Google’s Daydream, are pushing VR

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